Project DreamSeed

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We provide start-up and scale-up tools to wide eyed, young entrepreneurs with great ideas. We believe that money isn’t always the answer, so we provide whatever is necessary to achieve dreams. The camera, the laptop, the course or training, whatever it is. If we think you have a great business plan, we will provide the tools for you to achieve it! Our goal is to increase your productivity and give you the funding you need to scale your product or service.

You must have started your project in order to apply for funding from The Caroline Popoola Foundation.

Our grants begin from £500 to £5,000 per applicant.

How to apply

Develop a three minute video about your business plan and send it to us! We give away tools every quarter of the year, and we are keen to hear what you need.

We will contact you on or before the last Monday in the month of the last quarter to tell you if you are through!

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The Bright Boys Foundation

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There are so many families going through extreme poverty and deprivation in the UK. Violent crime is on the increase on our streets and we believe this is more of a social problem than a criminal problem. Our goal is to bring back purpose into the lives our impressionable young boys by providing material assistance and mentoring programmes.

Why do we do this?

We are acutely aware that there is no “quick fix” to changing society pressures, perceptions and policies that influence communities in the UK, but we know that if you change the life of one person who could have been vulnerable to finding ways to provide for their family which are illegal or dangerous, it could have a much-needed, knock on effect.

Through our programme, we hope to change limiting mind-sets, create opportunities and fill important social support gaps.

As the saying goes, “it takes a village to bring up a child”.


We work with families with young impressionable boys (starting from Key Stage 2), struggling with material provisions within deprived communities.

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Mum’s Purse

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At CPF we love to give back in various ways so from time to time, in honour of our strong mothers, we give food supplies, clothing and other relief materials to different groups requiring relief – particularly in a time of crisis. Mum’s purse is our way of ensuring that we dig in and dig deep when times get rough for people who are already vulnerable.

Look out for our activities on Instagram, Facebook and announcements on our website.